Hard Money Lending &
Maximum Cash-Out Refinancing

Investor’s choice lending offers lenders in the Boston area a variety of products to help them get the funds they need to pursue their next investment opportunity. We specialize in a niche market of Boston real estate including multi-family and mixed-use commercial properties.


Sometimes traditional banks will get shy about offering loans for these types of investments, especially when the lender is self-employed or is otherwise unable to verify their income. Investor’s Choice was created by real estate investors for real estate investors. We will get you the capital you need with no income verification, no tax returns, and no W-2s.

If you’ve got a deal on the table for a multi-family or mixed-use property, give us a call with your loan scenario today. Or, continue reading for more information about our unique products.

The Best in Boston Real Estate Lending

We have programs for 1-4 unit multifamily properties, commercial mixed-use properties, and 5-30 unit properties. We offer a 30-year fixed rate cash-out refinance starting at just 7.5%. Our loans include:

  • No Seasoning Requirement
  • No Income Verification
  • No Tax Returns
  • 80% LTV Ratio on Cash Out
  • Programs for Damaged Credit
  • 30 Year Fixed Rates for Cash Out
  • Programs for up to 30 Unit Multifamily Properties
  • Programs for Self-Employed Investors


Our products help investors take advantage of the unique market conditions in the Boston area. Property values are skyrocketing, and savvy investors are looking to take advantage of the appreciation by making long-term investments. We can help you get in on the action with our 30-year fixed rate programs. Give us a call for more information.

Why Choose Investor’s Choice?

We’re the best in Boston real estate for a few key reasons.

Maximum Cash Out

Due to new regulations, we can offer an 80% loan to value ratio on cash-out refinances. That gives you the most money possible to put toward your next rehab or another opportunity. Just give us a call with your loan scenario, and our experts will get you the funding you are looking for.

No Income Verification

We can do cash-out refinancing for multifamily and mixed-use commercial properties with no income verification. Many real estate investors are self-employed. This makes it challenging to show traditional banks that you’re a successful and creditworthy investor.

We understand the real estate business, and we’re not going to make you jump through hoops to get the capital you need to grow your wealth. If you’ve got a credit score over 650, we will write your loan with no income verification necessary. We also have programs available for damaged credit. Just give us a call for more information.

No Seasoning on Length of Ownership

We require no seasoning on the length ownership, making it a perfect product for those who have recently acquired a property that cash flows. We offer one of the least restrictive cash-out refinancing products in the industry, just give us a call to take advantage of it today.

Call Us Today with Your Loan Scenario

Don’t waste any more time with the banks, call a lender who understands the business and understands how to get you approved. We’ve created partnerships with lending resources all over the nation to ensure we can get our clients the funds they need to take advantage of their next opportunity and grow their portfolio. ​